Kid Stuff: Lego Wall

My library’s summer reading program for the kids this year is themed “Caution: Reading Zone.” We’re going for a “building” sort of vibe. We took this idea and applied it to a few of our Children’s Department walls. I love it!


  • cheap plastic tablecloths
  • dessert sized colored plates (in matching colors with the tablecloths)
  • masking tape


  • Cut the tablecloth in half lengthwiseIMG_6463
  • Cut the halves into smaller sections
    • 30″ (for a 2×2 block)
    • 45″ (for a 2×3 block)
  • hang each block on the wall securing on the back with rolls of masking tape along the edges.
  • Place the plates in rows of matching colors on your blocks. (I used the plates face-up instead of face-down as in the inspiration photo. With the style of plate we purchased, I liked this look better. Do whatever works for you!)

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