Braided Glory Throw Pillow

Ever wonder how long it takes to make crocheted items? Watch my progress below…

Pattern: Crochet! Magazine Winter 2016 Braided Glory Throw Pillow

Hook: Susan Bates size J

Yarn: Bernat Maker Home Dec in Aqua Size 5 Bulky 72% cotton 28% Nylon

Day 1: Deciphering the Pattern 2Hrs 5Mins

Everyone writes patterns differently. There is no standard. This is sometimes frustrating… like this time.

Braided Glory Pillow_1

Day 2: Moving Along 1Hr 45Mins

I have made so many notes on this pattern. I have to rework it  because I don’t understand some of the directions…

Braided Glory_2

Day 3: Light Bulb Moment 2Hrs 40Mins

So, it’s row 11 and I finally figured out what those directions meant back at the beginning. You know, the part I re-wrote and laughed about because I thought it was undecipherable and ridiculous? Yeah. It makes sense now.

I’m not going back…

Braided Glory 3

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