Tablecloth Decorations

Need to add some color to a blank wall? Have drop ceilings? Try this…


  • plastic tablecloths
  • cardboard
  • stapler
  • scissors


Tablecloth Decorations_2
Cut tablecloth to desired size. I measured about twice the length of my ceiling tile.
Tablecloth Decorations_3
Staple edge of tablecloth to edge of cardboard.
Tabelcloth Decoration_4
Fold tablecloth back on itself to create a pleat.
Tablecloth Decoration_5
Staple all layers of the pleat to the cardboard.
Tablecloth Decoration_6
Continue adding pleats until you reach the end of the cardboard.
Tablecloth Decoration
Here’s a side view.
Tablecloth Decoration_8
Lift up desired ceiling tile and slide in cardboard.
Tablecloth Decoration_9
Trim off excess if necessary.
Tablecloth Decorations_10




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