Glossybox May 2017 – SPECS/REVIEW

I LOVE trying out new products! I’m going to endeavor to give you the most comprehensive and succinct information about these items as I can. I’ll be using these products until I either run out, or the next box arrives.

*Note: Not all Glossyboxes are created equal. I may not have received the same items as other subscribers. I can only provide information on my products.

Glossybox – a $21/month subscription box of 5 full-size or deluxe-size beauty products curated according to your beauty profile and delivered to your doorstep.

See my Glossybox Gallery!

May 2017 Glossy Picks UN-BOXED

1.) Rodial XXL Lip Liner: Nude (Full Size $22)


  • Number of times used
    • 5 (my product arrived broken. I could only use it until the tip wore down.)
  • Product remaining?
    • Yes, sort of. I cannot get to it… Side note – don’t try to sharpen plastic lip crayons in pencil sharpeners…
  • Notes:
    • This item arrived broken. It is a plastic tube with a stick of product inside. However, there seemed to be no way to twist or maneuver the item to dispense more product. Glossybox is sending me a replacement. They were very easy to work with through their customer support.
    • I would say this has a medium level of creamy-ness.
    • I like the Model Co. Illusion Lip Liner better for creamy-ness and versatility.
  • Overall Impression:
    • It’s a nice lip liner even if it’s not my favorite.

2.) Leighton Denny Expert Nails: Pillow Talk (Full Size 0.4 oz. $19)


  • Number of times used
    • 2
  • Product remaining?
    • Yes
  • Notes:
    • DISCLAIMER: My fingers are not in great shape and I’m not super awesome at painting my nails. It’s just the way it is!
    • It’s a little sheer and splotchy even after two coats. Two coats is my max for color. I do a clear, strengthening base coat, 2 coats of color, and one clear top coat. It was a little disappointing.
    • Dries really fast making it a little difficult to spread.
    • Chipped after 3 days
  • Overall Impression:
    • It’s not my favorite. Typically, I love nail polish. This not being my favorite color might have had an impact on my review as well.

3.) Vitry Nail Repair Kit (Sample Size 0.129oz. approx. $10)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Number of times used
    • 6
  • Product remaining?
    • Yes – about 3/4 of the bottle still remains
  • Notes:
    • Smells SUPER strong! Use in a well ventilated area. Seriously. It literally made my eyes water.
    • Dries very quickly. By the time I finished my second hand, the first was dry.
    • I removed old product and re-applied every 2-3 days.
  • Overall Impression:
    • This did not seem to do anything to fix the current damage to my nails. (There was a LOT of existing damage. Thank you, Jamberry nail wraps…) However, it looks like the new nail growth is healthy. I’m going to continue to use it in between manicures. I believe it is a good product that will strengthen my nails over time.
    • I loved the timing of this product. I’m so thankful to Glossybox for including it. I had just recently ruined my nails. I had the perfect nails to try this out on!

4.) Spa To You Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush and Massager (Full Size $9)


  • Number of times used
    • 23
  • Product remaining?
    • Yes
  • Notes:
    • It is scratchier than expected. Not super soft.
    • I do not feel the “silicone cushions” when using.
    • This does an excellent job of cleaning!
    • It’s good for exfoliation. (I switched to using once a day instead of twice because I felt it was exfoliating too much.)
    • I, personally, wet my face, apply my cleanser to the brush, and then begin cleaning. (The instructions say to wet face, apply product to face, and then use the brush. I felt like these were unnecessary steps.)
  • Overall Impression:
    • LOVE THIS! This will be a regular part of my cleansing routine. It is, however, the only cleanser brush I have ever used. So, I have nothing to compare it to. Regardless, I am really enjoying it.

5.) Tree Hut Skincare Exfoliating Mud Mask (Full Size 2.9 oz.)


  • Number of times used
    • 5
  • Product remaining?
    • Yes – lots!
  • Notes:
    • This gave my face a warming/slightly burning sensation a few seconds after application. However, this feeling was not so unpleasant that I had to remove it. It also only lasted for a few minutes. When the product began to dry the sensation was gone.
    • The consistency is thick with small exfoliating particles within.
    • Left my skin feeling smooth and reduced the appearance of my pores.
    • The product removed easily with a warm washcloth.
  • Overall Impressions:
    • This was a fun product to use. It did a nice job. My face felt smooth and less overrun with large pores after each use. I’m making this a regular, weekly part of my skincare routine!



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