Virus Shawl: Caron Cake – Rainbow Sprinkles

Ever wonder how long it takes to make one? See below…

I love the Caron Cakes! I enjoy that they blended some wool into the mix – super soft and warm, and I love the gradual, long color changes.

TOTAL PROJECT TIME: 5 Sittings – 7Hrs 35Mins

Pattern: Virus Shawl

Yarn: Caron Cakes in Rainbow Sprinkles

Hook: Susan Bates Size I

Day 1: Smooth Sailing 1Hr

I’m familiar with this pattern so it was quick working and smooth sailing!

Virus Shawl_Rainbow Sprinkles_1 with time

Day 2: Distracted 3Hrs 10Mins

I was watching Mean Girls for the first time on Netflix while doing this… I usually get more accomplished.

Rainbow Sprinkles_day 2

Day 3: Before Work 45Mins

I actually got moving this morning with enough time to sit down and crochet. This will likely never happen again.

Rainbow Sprinkles_6.16.17

Day 4: Color Change 2Hrs 24Mins

Sometimes, I keep crocheting because I’m too anxious to see the next color change…

Rainbow Sprinkles 6.22.17

Day 5: Frogging & Finishing 15Mins

It ended up being a little too long so I pulled back to the orange. Also, I hate weaving in ends.

Rainbow Sprinkles 6.24.17_1Rainbow Sprinkles 6.24.17_2

Rainbow Sprinkles 6.24.17_3
For my triangle scarves I use a button on each end. To wear, I cross the ends behind my head and button them wherever the button will fit in the front from underneath. I find that if I don’t, the scarf just falls right off. I’m just not going to fuss with my accessories all day. So, this was my solution!

Rainbow Sprinkles 6.24.17_4

Project Completed 6.24.17


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